Tips For An Amazing Summer Wedding Photoshoot

Temperatures are rising and flowers are blooming up—a sign that the wedding season is knocking at our doors yet again! This is the best time to tie the knot as the weather is in a jolly, celebratory mood. Nature itself will provide a stunning backdrop for your big day. Moreover, if you have a good photographer and a bright, pleasantly sunny day by your side, you will end up with magnificent photographs.

However, the summer season is not just all bees and flowers—it can get pretty warm and sticky, especially in the month of June in the UK. Want to look your absolute best in your summer wedding photographs? Make sure that you follow the below-mentioned tips:

Begin your photo op early

The early bird catches the worm! If you want to look as fresh as a flower in your outdoor wedding photos, make sure that you get clicked when the sun is not directly overhead and before the guests start arriving. The fresh floral centerpieces would be just set in place on the tables and your make-up would be perfectly intact during this timeframe. More importantly, since the ceremonies and parties haven’t begun yet, you will look more lively and your feet won’t be dead tired! This will immediately translate into beautiful, timeless smiles in photographs.

Flaunt your wedding bouquet

Get close-ups of your wonderful bouquet, especially the chrysanthemums, gardenias, dahlias that show their finest colors during the summer season. Get in touch with a florist who can supply the best flowers that don’t wilt immediately because of the heat.

Sign up for sunset photoshoots

With the right natural lighting, photographers can weave magic and capture images that don’t only look good but also capture your emotions perfectly. We recommend having a photoshoot with your significant other during the Golden Hour because the light is so much softer, resulting in dreamy photographs that have a gorgeous, subtle glow about them.

Choose an experienced photographer

You don’t really want a bad, inexperienced photographer to add to your stress levels on your big day! A photographer who is skilled, creative, and has an eye for detail will help you to make the most out of the colors of summer. Moreover, they will also advise you on your location scouting journey for your post-wedding photos. As you may be aware, location is everything when it comes to wedding photographs! In addition to this, will also make sure that the lighting is just right so that your frames end up looking elegant.

By following these tips, your summer wedding photoshoot will be fun and a success. Apart from this, make sure that you hydrate frequently to beat the heat and also have your make-up artist close by for touch ups.

If you require skilled photographers to capture your summer wedding, give us a call today. We love to help happy couples make new memories and walk the extra mile to frame charming shots that will make you smile years down the road.

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