Luxury Wedding Photography Hong Kong

Visualising your dream and convert them into a reality.

Marrying the person you love, in front of your family and loved ones, is almost like a dream. It’s kind of surreal but it is happening. You are nervous and excited but also incredibly happy. And those thoughts in your mind can transform into reality and be documented through the lens, allowing you to then look at them tomorrow, travel back in time, and revisit your happy memories over and over again. And Terry Li is here to visualise your dreams and convert them into a reality.


Reflecting your personality

Wedding photographs sometimes feel staged and inauthentic. Forced smiles and awkward poses take away from their beauty and rob them of the subjects’ personality. But Terry Li has been working as a professional wedding photographer in Hong Kong and the UK long enough to know how to capture the real you. She’ll take the time to know you beforehand, understand you and your partner as individuals and as a couple. This will then help her capture beautiful photographs in which your personality as well as your love for each other will be genuinely reflected.

Unique / emotive

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most significant days in your life, and it is only normal that hundreds of emotions will be fleeting through your mind all through the day. Terry Li, who is one of the best wedding photographers in Hong Kong and in the UK , loves capturing the beauty of these emotions and those little moments of joy through her lens. Preserve the genuine manifestations of love and laughter that you share on your special day through the emotive wedding photographs so that you can enjoy them forever.

Story telling – your special story

Terry Li believes that capturing a wedding through photographs is much more than just documenting the events that transpire throughout the day. The images must tell a story, your story. And that is exactly what she strives to achieve through her work. As you flip through your wedding album years from now, you will be taken through a visual retelling of your love story, your vows of commitment and companionship and your coming together in the presence of your loved ones.


Luxury Wedding photography Hong Kong or UK, package:

  • A face-to-face consultation at on Skype.
  • Careful planning with flexibility to create your perfect day together.
  • An online album to share the memories with your friends and family.
  • No hidden costs – I’ll give you the complete price with no hidden expenses to worry about.

Destination photography

Terry Li is a hopeless romantic whose passion is narrating your unique wedding story through her lens. And to be able to do that, she is willing to travel to anywhere in the world. She is here to capture your “happily ever after” through the wedding photographers just the way you had dreamed.