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Booking Fee

  • To book Terry Li Photography, you are required to deposit 50% of the selected package as a retainer on the day of booking. This retainer is non-refundable and secures your shooting date. 
  • The remaining amount will be paid in full and will be due on one calendar month prior to the wedding day.


  • The Client may reserve the right to cancel the contract at any time by notifying Terry Li Photography in writing, but in doing so, they shall forfeit any money/deposit paid. 
  • Cancellation of the contract less than 12 weeks before the shooting date will lead to full payment becoming due.

Permitted Use

  • The Client may use digital files or prints for personal use and for reproduction and sharing photographs with family, friends, and relatives. The Client may also use those files and images on personal websites, including social media, as long as the copyright signature appears on the images mentioning they were captured by Terry Li Photography. However, the Client must not sell those photographs for any commercial, editorial, and advertising purposes.

Post Production 

  • All the chosen images and files will be edited and produced as per Terry Li Photography’s discretion and style. 
  • Full retouch services are available at the cost of £8 per image.  
  • Raw or unedited images will not be available for purchasing. 

1 Editing is a collection of various techniques that the photographer can apply in post production, such as cropping, straightening, correction of exposure, adjustment of temperature and white balance, by using photo software.
2 Retouching involves other techniques that can polish the photo further. For example, by removing blemishes, making people slightly slimmer, smoothening skin texture, removing distracting elements from the background and adding something to the image.

Image Reproduction 

  • Because of photochromic anomalies caused by combining certain dyes and materials, specifically in man-made fibres, it is often impossible to record the exact colour of materials and dyes on camera as seen by the human eye. However, when processing images, the photographers endeavour to achieve an appealing overall colour balance. 
  • It should be understood that a few colours may not be consistent throughout a set of photographs because of changes in the lighting conditions. It should also be understood that all photographic printing is carried out within the technical limitations of the procedure, and colour may not be uniform over the entire range within the subject. Plus, the colour balance of prints made in varying sizes or at different times may also be subject to change.
  • Because of the limitations of computer monitors, it is understood that photos may look different as per the specification of the monitor and that prints may not match the photos rendered on a given computer monitor.

Third-Party Printing

  • Terry Li Photography is not responsible or liable for colour balance and quality of Prints reproduced by Third-Party Printers, such as High Street photo processing centers.


  • The Copyright and Design Act 1988 gives the copyright of the photographs to the photographer. Therefore, it is against the Act to copy or allow to be copied, either photographically, electronically, or by any other means, an image created as part of the contract without the written permission of the Photographer.

Display/ Model Release 

  • The Client permits the photographer to display any photo covered under the contract and to promote the business employing websites, advertising, publicity material, exhibitions, magazine articles, competitions, and other such media, provided the photos are used lawfully and without any damage to the client.

Force Majeure

  • While every possible effort will be made to finish the contract, its due performance may be subject to alteration or cancellation by the photographer on account of any cause beyond control (for example, acts of God, floods, fire, change in legislation, computer failure, damage/loss of photos, etc.) In the unlikely event of complete photographic failure or cancellation of the contract by the photographer, the liability to the client will be limited to a 90% refund of the total package price and retainment of 10% of the package cost as administrative fees.


  • In the unlikely event when the photographer fails to attend your photography session owing to unforeseen circumstances, Terry Li Photography reserves the right to assign another photographer to attend your session on their behalf to carry and manage the photography to the best of their ability. Or the liability will be limited to a 90% refund of the total package price and retainment of 10% of the package price as administrative fees.
  • If practicable, re-shoots may be arranged, but the photographer will not be accountable for any further costs.


  • Any directions given to the client, their guests, or employees during a photography session are deemed to be at the said person’s risk. The photographer will not be held accountable for any personal accidents during a photography session.

Weather and Delays

  • In inclement weather, the photographer, in cooperation and coordination with the client, may make necessary changes to the shooting schedule and will do the best to create and deliver.


  • These Terms and Conditions shall not be subject to variations except by agreement in writing.

Postponement caused by the Coronavirus

  • Should Terry Li Photography be available for your new shooting date, which has to be within one year of the original shooting date, the client may use whatever they have already paid for the new shooting date and Terry Li Photography would prepare a new contract mentioning that.

Cancellation caused by the Coronavirus

  • In the improbable event that the photographer fails to attend your photography session, Terry Li Photography reserves the right to assign another photographer to attend your session on its behalf to carry the photography to the best of their ability. And Terry Li Photography’s liability to the client will be limited to a 90% refund of the overall package price and retainment of 10% of the package price as administrative fees.